Positive things you can do for Ranking

Positive things you can do for Ranking

Howdy, Millionairehost fans. Today I will explain about Positive things you can do for Ranking. Your Questions & Comments are always welcome!

We know everyone in this plant trying to get the highest search engine ranking including us, but always keep in your mind “SEO is a Search Engine Optimization, not a search engine magic!” What we think is, you need to understand the pattern first. Few days ago Google removed Page Rank from Google tool bar. They will completely remove it from public & keep it inside. Also you don’t need to worry about Google Algorithm changes if your following correct guide lines. Most people doing Black Hat SEO when they can’t rank a website using organic methods, but it’s better to get away with it because those sites penalized faster. You can have some ranking sometimes but it’s not for long lasting, you will face more problems after Google penalized!

Also Making ton of backlinks you wouldn’t able to rank a website. Most of backlinks are from Spam sites, duplicate content or complete on a different category. If you need to rid of weak, low quality backlinks you can use Google Disavow tool. You need to have relevant, quality backlinks but only having backlinks you can’t rank a website.

You need a content, Google still targeting on high quality content websites. So 1st priority goes your content. Stop copying others contents, make something new by yourself relevant to your service..etc, make the relevant article that important to your audience. Everyone saying “Content is the key for Search Engine Ranking”, but only few people are following this.

Google starts mobile friendly ranking system on March onwards. So we think AMP is the best framework for mobile friendly sites. Google introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) open source, mobile friendly framework & AMP HTML is allows to build light-weight web pages so it will make your website faster. Google likes mobile friendly, fast loading websites. If you can integrate AMP with your website, it’s awesome.

 AMPing up in mobile Search

Add some keyword into your title to get attractive & keep it between 50 to 60 characters.

If you have any video sites, start working with YouTube. Don’t upload all your videos to local server or other video platforms. If you search using Google something like “How they are doing it ?” YouTube video show the result on top, because YouTube is a Google’s service. Also its free and you don’t need any storage spaces for your videos. No more worries about ranking your videos on Google.

* Some reasons for the Google on Penalizing your website: Speedy link building, Hiding your sponsors, Links to suspicious sites, Malicious backlinks, Broken external links, Scraped content, Overusing meta keywords ..etc.

If you’re facing any Google Penalized issue or in one of your client’s website, you can contact our team for support.

** Image source: Google Blog

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