Get 20% (that’s Rs. 9,000 - Rs. 38,600) For Referring Clients To Us

We get clients, you get money, and they get an well-needed website.

How it Works

1) Talk to Your Friends or Clients

Determine clients or friends that could use our help. Find out if your client or friend needs a new website and tell them you have an excellent firm you recommend.

2) Send Referral Via Form Right Side

Ask them if you can have Millionairehost contact them, and get their name, phone, and email and send it our way.

3) We Follow Up

We contact them. Take them through our planning & discovery process. Then help them figure out what they need and price out the site.

4) You Get Paid

After each payment that they pay us, we pay you.

Fill Out Form. Get Money. Simple.

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How Much Do We Pay For Leads?

We are offering 20% for solid leads. Just for referring people to us, you can get between Rs. 9,000 – Rs. 38,600. You could even mark up the price on sales if you wanted. We are willing to work out special relationships with firms that are serious and proven at getting us business.