Millionairehost Terms and conditions

Domains Registrations and Renewals

Registration of free domain name:

As consideration for the services you have selected, you agree to pay Millionairehost the applicable service(s) fees. Registration will not be processed until payment for services is verified or received. All fees payable for domain names are nonrefundable. As further consideration for the domain name service(s), you agree to: (1) provide complete and accurate information about you as required by the registration process and (2) maintain and update this information as needed to keep it accurate. All such information shall be referred to as account information (“Account Information”). You hereby grant Millionairehost the right to disclose to third parties such Account Information. The Registrant also represents that the Domain Name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.

It is STONGLY recommend to Renew your domain on / before the given due date on the invoice. There will be $100 USD as domain re-activation fee (Excluding Domain Renew fee). Domains not possible to renew under normal renew fee After 12 Days from its Expire date (Domain registrar policy). If you required to renew your EXPIRED domain on “Domain redemption period”, then you need to pay Domain Renewal fee + Redemption Fee (USD 90 x Current exchange rate) + $100 USD

Domains given with Free with hosting packages cannot transfer in the first year. If you need to transfer then you should pay Normal Domain registration fee + $20 USD. There will be $35 USD as an administrative fee for Account Change (Moving Domain to Client’s Godaddy Account, If existing domain on Godaddy Registry). There will be $10 USD fee for domain transfer to other domain registries.

External Domain Names:
If a domain name is not registered through Millionairehost or transferred from another provider, the Customer takes the risk, fully.. The Customer agrees to be aware of the changes made – DNS settings change. Millionairehost cannot be held liable for any faults in the domain names functionality-wrong DNS servers setup, expired domain names, misspelled domain names,etc.


Every customer of Millionairehost Millionairehost is eligible to use SiteBuilder web design tool. The SiteBuilder is included in the web hosting account plan. No additional charges are required for using SiteBuilder web design tool. The SiteBuilder is a third party software and Millionairehost does not take responsibility for any faults in the SiteBuilder functioning or accessibility.

Service Cancellation by The Millionairehost:

Any of the services that the Millionairehost offers may be canceled by the Millionairehost with no prior notice and with no refund in case that the Millionairehost finds out in good faith that the Customer’s use of the service violates the Terms of Use. The Millionairehost cannot be held in charge for loss of data if such a cancellation has been done.

The Millionairehost may also cancel any of its services, if the Millionairehost determines in good faith that this service has become impractical or unfeasible for any technical, legal, loyalty, regulatory or other reason, by giving or without giving the Customer as much prior notice as reasonably practicable.

The Linux Shared Hosting service used by the Customer may be canceled for any or no reason by the Millionairehost with a preceding 7 days notice. After the 7 day period the Customer’s Account will be ended and the Customer will be provided with access to an archived backup copy of the Customer’s account content as of the termination date. These backup copies will be available for no more than 7 calendar days. After the expiration of the 7-day period for accessing the archived back up copy, all backup copies and any other information or data related with the account will be deleted from the Millionairehost’s servers.

If the reason for Linux Account Cancellation by the Millionairehost is different from violation of Terms of Use by the Customer, a refund will be issued by the Millionairehost for all the months that the account is prepaid and will not be used by the Customer. The calculation of the amount of the refund will be made by multiplying the number of the unused months by the prepaid monthly price as it is for the Customer’s billing cycle. The Millionairehost will offer several options for receiving the refund; still it is only the Customer’s responsibility to provide the information needed for receiving the refund.

If the reason for Linux Account Cancellation by the Millionairehost is violation of Terms of Use by the Customer, a refund will not be issued by the Millionairehost.

Uptime Guarantee:

For annual downtime of more than 0.1% on the server(s), where The Customer’s website is hosted, The Customer will receive compensation if all the conditions below are met:

– The Customer has used the Millionairehost hosting service for at least 12 months.
– The server (s), where The Customer hosting account is located, experiences a total downtime of more than 0.1% in a period of 12 months after the account activation or during any of the consecutive 12-month periods.
– The reason(s) for the server downtime occurrence(s) were NOT beyond the Millionairehost influences, which include but is not limited to: DOS attacks, Internet connectivity problems, electricity outage, hardware failure, software failure and force major events like fire, flood, other natural disasters and acts of God, labor disputes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, failure of any third party to perform any commitment relative to the server uptime, etc.
– The Customer requests his/her compensation not later than 30 days after the 12 month period, in which there was a downtime bigger than 0.1%, has ended. The Customer will be compensated with a credit equal to the fee he has paid for the hosting service prorated by the number of hours in which the Service was interrupted because of the downtime.

Price Change:

The Customer should pay the applicable amount at the time of registration/renewal date. The Millionairehost has the right to change the prices periodically and The Customer will be charged on the new applicable taxes for the next billing cycle.

Renewal fees:

The Customer must hold harmless and risk-free The Millionairehost from any claims resulting from the use of The Millionairehost services. Use of The Millionairehost services for any copyrighted materials which includes, but are not limited to unauthorized music files, photographs, books or any other copyrighted materials or work are completely forbidden.

The offer or possessing of such information or materials, or the offer to sale of any fake merchandise of a trademark holder will immediately result in the termination of that account. Accounts, founded to be in violation of others copyright will be instantly removed, or any access to it will be immediately stopped. If the account is found again to be in the violation of copyright or trademark laws it will result in the immediate suspension and/or termination of the account.

Disk space and Traffic Usage:

The terms “unlimited” and “unmetered” are defined by our experience with similarly situated customers or measured by the industrials standards and the average resource usage of a shared hosting account located on the same server. This means that your use of our resources may not exceed that of similarly situated customers in a way to affect global performance of the hosting environment of cause any service-related issues, regular backups delay or high I/O wait. In particular, you may not use our services for the primary purpose of: Audio/Video streaming (other than that which is incidental to a site’s operation) Large photo galleries exceeding the allows inodes usage or average disk space usage on the server by other shared hosting accounts. Storage of a large amount of uncompressed or full-size digital images Online backups both of your local computer or hosting account Online file (FTP) serving Distribution of content such as MP3 files or other multimedia content

MySQL/PostgreSQL/Other database engines policy:

The Customer understands and agrees that: The usage of MySQL and PostgreSQL database server resources must be kept in a way that does not endanger the quality of the overall server performance. The Millionairehost has the right to decide on its sole discretion which queries executed towards any database are considered as slow. Slow queries are being considered as a burden, which endangers the overall server performance. Failure to comply with this might lead to warning, suspension or possible account termination.

Fair usage of MySQL/PostgreSQL resources – The Customer agrees not to use more than 10 percent of the system resources in any second, spent in MySQL queries towards databases under the account in question. The maximum allowed size of MySQL/PostgreSQL allowed on a shared hosting server is 499Mb, while the recommended, in best interest of either parties (the Customer and the Millionairehost) is 299Mb. Databases with size over the recommended are considered as critical sized, therefore endangering the server pefromance. Databases above critical sized measure mentioned herein are subject of temporary or permanent suspension, termination or rotation without prior notice or request by the Millionairehost.

The Customer is responsible to manage database(s) and scripts interacting with them so that they are in compliance with this policy.

Script executions/Average execution time

The Customer understands and agrees that:

The account owned by The Customer is allowed to execute up to 15,000 scripts or programs for any given calendar day. The Customer is allowed to execute up to 900 programs or scripts per any given hour of the day. Script Executions is the number of programs or scripts, executed for a certain period of time.

The account owned by The Customer is allowed to use up to 24,000 CPU seconds for any given calendar day. The account owned by Тhe Customer is allowed to use up to 2,000 CPU seconds for any given hour of the day. CPU time is considered the amount of time (measured in seconds) that an application is using while processing CPU instructions.

The account owned by The Customer is allowed to execute each script for average of up to 5 seconds for any given day. The average time is calculated on daily basis, where the total number of CPU time for that day is divided by the total number of scripts executions occurrences for the same day. The Millionairehost reserves the sole right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, hosting account, email account, database, or other component that does not comply with these established policies, or to make any such modifications in an emergency at its sole discretion.

Reseller DNS Policy:

The Millionairehost will provide customized DNS server addresses to its Customers as an extra, and therefore paid, feature. The domain name used for the DNS servers registration must be:

* With .com or .net extension.
* Non-existent one and its registration requested through a Support ticket

If the Customer insists to use its own domain name, it must be transferred over to the Millionairehost’s authorized registrar agent for setting up DNS servers. Additional fees may apply in this case, as well as additional time must be provided for the DNS to complete.

The Millionairehost reserves the right to change the above terms of use at any time. Such changes will become effective and binding after their posting on The Millionairehost’s website. The website user agrees to regularly review The Millionairehost Website Terms of Use and be aware of the changes made. By continuing to use the The Millionairehost website after any posted revision, the customer agrees to abide by it.

Script Installation Service:

ScriptsInstall will install scripts on your server for a low one-time fee. We will create the proper directories with the proper permissions, upload the file, configure the script to work on your server, test the script and send you an email with the instructions how to access your script.

Installation doesn’t include any customization or modifications of the script. you must have a valid license for your domain name and provide a .zip file with the script for us to be able to verify it. We will however not be held responsible if the .zip file provided has been obtained illegally.

We will offer a refund only if we are not able to install the script you chose on your server, be it because of your server or because of the script. Please make sure that your server has PHP and MySQL (if applicable) before requesting our services though, this will make things easier for everyone. We will not install PHP/MySQL.

Once the script has been installed and is working properly on your server, you have one week to report any problem. Upgrades to a newer version of the script are not included, you’ll have to pay a new installation fee for this.

Last Updated – March 2016