Malware Removal Service

Your Website has been hacked ? You're worried about the cost and time it's going to take to clean this up. Time is money, money comes through your website so you need to up and run soon as possible. We have 24/7/365 talented team around the world, they are security professionals., they support us to clean your website, server.

At Millionairehost, we built our reputation on providing the best malware removal service in the world. You likely came to know of us via word-of-mouth recommendations, there is a reason for that. It's because we fix hacked sites (Malware Removal Service, Protect from DDOS Attacks ..etc) faster and better than you imagine, also we have daily server-side & remote website scans also we cut the through noise others depend on. We are thorough, efficient, and we care about making your website safe.

Malware Removal Service and Recover Any other Attack

Our highly skilled security professional analysts use best practices to carefully assess the damage and safely perform the malware cleanup of your website & also we are recovering WordPress hacked sites. We dedicate significant resources daily to analyzing the latest trends, innovating our technologies to provide you better services and training our team to ensure we're providing website owners the service they require. While our expertise is wide ranging, we never shy from a challenge. We are familiar with many attacks and environments.

Malware Removal Guarantee

We can guarantee our work. We are giving a full report of cleaned files & a quarantined backup plus we have some services like websites clean up services ,website malware removal, blacklist removal services, also in case of any reinfection in your site we will clean it up again and again until it is 100% clean. After everything is clean we help you to secure your server such as: changing passwords, check plugins before installed and as well as other post-cleanup recommendations. When our team manually verifies that your website is clean, we remove it from Google, Yahoo ..etc. blacklists and provide you with all of the steps you need to stay secure.

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  • Website's
  • Malware Removal & Clean Up Unlimited Pages
  • Automatic Scans for Malware & Hacks
  • Blacklist Scanning & Monitoring
  • Block Hackers with Website Firewall
  • Customer Support
  • Blacklist removal (Google, McAfee, Norton and etc.)
  • Backdoor Removal
Basic Pro
$145per month
Save $25
This offer valid until April 25 st 2017.
  • 1
  • Within 12 hours
  • Every 12 hours
  • Every 12 hours
  • Immediately
  • Tickets
  • Yes
  • Yes
Standard Pro
$240per month
Save $35
This offer valid until April 25 st 2017.
  • 2
  • Within 6 hours
  • Every 6 hours
  • Every 6 hours
  • Immediately
  • Ticket / Email
  • Yes
  • Yes
Advanced Pro
$380per month
Save $45
This offer valid until April 25 st 2017.
  • 3
  • Within 4 hours
  • Every 1/2 hour
  • Every 1/2 hours
  • Immediately
  • Tickets / EMail / SMS
  • Yes
  • Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Startup Fee?

There are no Startup Fee. We will setup everything for free.

Support is limited?

No you can submit a unlimited support Tickets, SMS, Emails to our technicians.

If I have more than 3 websites ?

You can reorder same package again, different package or you can easily contact us through our contact us page.

Site already hacked, can you clean?

Yes, we can clean already hacked sites. Before purchase our package you can send email to explaining your current situation.

How long it will take to Remove Blacklist?

Blacklist Removal takes 48 hours minimum sometimes up to 72 hours but we will do our best for remove soon as possible.

Do you have annually Payment Plans ?

Sorry, at the moment we don't have annually payment plans.